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One of the scariest notions in the world for a majority of people is to go in for drug tests. With technical advancement, there is a new test making the rounds apart from urine, blood, and stool. It is the latest ‘hair follicle drug test’.

Currently it is demanded only in severe criminal cases, however, you never know when you might need it for a job interview. brings to you everything you need to know about this test to prevent yourself from testing positive.

What is hair follicle drug test?
It is a new type of drug testing which uses your hair shaft as a sample. It is conducted on an inch and a half of hair, basically 3 months growth. The sample is collected from close to the skull for the best test results.

This test can detect drugs like marijuana, barbiturates, heroin, LSD, nicotine, alcohol, PCP etc. Anything you put in your body gets carried around by the bloodstream to every cell. Hair is essentially dead cells but they get their nutrients from the follicle. Hence, hair drug tests can possibly give a history of drug and alcohol experimentation.

How to cheat it?
This drug test is scarily 90% accurate as per studies conducted. The worst part is that majority of tests can detect drug toxins from 90 days ago. So how do you work your way around it?

• Detox Shampoos
These are new products on the market which work on your hair to rid them of any drug toxins. However, success results are very slim with over the counter products and any other product would cost you a lot.
You could try a cleansing therapy to wash off all the chemicals from your hair. But, you have to beware of false advertising and other false products. Most of these detox shampoos fail because they cannot break into the hair follicle to remove the toxins.

• Cutting your hair
You could try cutting all your hair. Sadly, hair drug test can be performed on bodily hair as well. So, if you are really desperate you could shave it all off.

• Pacing yourself
Studies still in the amateur phase show that it takes around 2 weeks for any drug toxins to show up in hair drug test. Also, this test is conducted for moderate to severe users. So, a way to bypass this test is for you to pace your usage. Needless to say, this can be nerve-racking as understanding how much is too much can be difficult. However, you could check your levels with at-home kits.

 Vinegar Solution
If detox shampoos prove too expensive for you then you can try this DIY recipe. Leave your hair soaked in white vinegar for about 10 to 15 minutes. After this do a salicylic acid acne treatment with the vinegar still in your hair and do not wash it away for at least 30 minutes.
Now rinse your hair with liquid detergent and concentrate more on the back of the head as this is where most samples are collected from. Now dye your hair and do not forget to use the conditioner in the dying kit.

• Mud Cleaner
Though not tested, mud cleaners are fast gaining popularity as they have helped many clear their drug test.

• Quit using
If you are in an environment where there are multiple tests happening, then the safest thing for you to do is quit. This is because you can work on your hair follicle but as your hair grows out it basically becomes dead cells. There is nothing much other than using detox shampoo for you to get a negative drug result.

Myths around Hair follicle drug tests
• Bleaching your hair does not rid it of drug and alcohol toxins. Your test results will come in positive.
• If you have used in the past 110 days then you would show up positive even if you quit weeks prior to the drug test if a sample is taken from the hair shaft away from your skull.
• All laws are not same. The laws governing hair follicle drug test differ from various states with many allowing certain drug types such as Marijuana.
Regular cleansing and detoxing is the key to potentially cheating hair follicle drug tests.